Scholarship Award Details

Scholarship Deadline:
January 16, 2018

Winners will be announced in March. 

Are you Eligible?

  • Applicants must be an employee of an SC&RA member company OR
  • Applicants must be a direct relative (child, step child, spouse, grand child) of an employee of an SC&RA member company. (Search online SC&RA member directory here)
  • Scholarships are awarded to applicants pursuing:
    • 4 year degree
    • masters degree
    • internship with an SC&RA member company
  • Full-time and Part-time students are eligible.
  • Applicants should be interested in a career in the industry or currently employed by a company in the industry.

Scholarship Amounts:

Scholarships range from $1,000 to $3,000. This amount is subject to Board approval and fund availability.  Awards are dispersed to the recipients school upon receipt of matriculation information.

Memorial Scholarships and Named Scholarships:

The Foundation is honored to award several awards in memory of industry leaders and individuals. The Foundation also has many corporate and family supported awards called Named Scholarships, recognized as Continuing Education Scholarships for their donations to this program. Click here for more information on the Memorial awards or Named awards.