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The Foundation has a new partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI) that enables us to award grant applicants up to $78,000 in training .

Please indicate on your application the training course you are interested in obtaining. Please note: some courses are online. Some require an in-person attendance to complete the course.

ITI offers the following training courses:

In-Person Training

(10/10 seats remaining in any of the courses listed below)

Available at ITI Training Centers in Woodland, WA, Houston, TX, Cleveland, OH, New Orleans, LA and Memphis, TN

  • Mobile Crane Operator Prep for National Certification—for operators of lattice boom, telescopic boom, and boom truck cranes
  • Rigger I Prep for National Certification— for those who prepare loads for safe lifting
  • Rigger II Prep for National Certification— for those who prepare loads for safe lifting
  • Master Rigger – is designed for participants that have had some exposure (2-10 years) to crane and rigging operations. The course exposes participants to a variety of equipment and applications which include multiple crane lifts, load turning, load drifting with chain hoists, jacking and rolling using mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, incline planes and managing the center-of-gravity in all three axes.
  • Intermediate Rigging – designed for the beginner to intermediate level person whose work assignments involve some rigging activity

Online Training

(50/50 seats remaining in online courses below)

Individual Courses from ITI’s Online Crane & Rigging Library:

  • Introduction to Rigging
  • Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes
  • Basic Rigging & Inspection
  • Basic Entertainment Rigging & Inspection
  • Advanced Rigging
  • Online Mobile Crane Operator Prep for National Certification
  • Overhead Crane Operator

Courses from ITI’s Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering – for those who plan and oversee lifting and load handling activities including Lift Planners, Crane & Rigging Managers, Engineers. Select full program grants available (5 required courses, 2 electives) as well as grants for eligible individual course selections. Courses have been reviewed and approved by ASME for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in compliance with the IACET Standard and is accredited by LEEA. Recipients are responsible for student material fees.

  • RE-110 Engineering Principles for Rigging & Load Handling Activities (Required Course)
  • RE-120 Crane & Derrick Engineering, Installation, & Planning (Required Course)
  • RE-130 Rigging & Load Handling Equipment Engineering & Applications (Required)
  • RE-140 Alternative Load Handling Equipment Engineering & Applications (Required)
  • RE-150 Lift Planning Procedure, Considerations & Execution (Required)
  • RE-160 Specialized Transport Planning & Engineering Considerations (Elective)
  • RE-170 Standards & Regulations for Load Handling Equipment (Elective)
  • RE-180 Project Execution for Lift Planners & Rigging Engineers (Elective)
  • RE-190 Offshore Lifting for Lift Planners & Rigging Engineers (Elective)*
  • Master Rigger (Elective – Full Program option only)
  • Rigging Gear Inspector Level I & II (Elective – Full Program option only)
  • Mobile Crane Inspector (Elective – Full Program option only)

*Currently in development

(0/1 seat remaining for 100% Program)
(1/1 seat remaining for 50% Program)

For a complete description of all ITI offerings visit their website.

About ITI

ITI was founded in January 1986 to assist worldwide organizations in preparing competent work forces who conduct efficient, proper and innovative load handling activities. ITI conducts training through instructor-led programs at clients’ locations and ITI Training Centers, online via ITI Online and ITI VR.