Named Grants/Scholarships

The Named Grant and Scholarship program is for companies or individuals who donate and earmark their funds for grants or scholarships. Each year these special awards are recognized during the Annual Conference Closing Night Dinner.

The following companies have Named Grants:

  • Anderson Trucking Service
  • McTyre Trucking
  • Heartland Communications
  • Pink Truck/JK Crane *

The following companies have Named Scholarships:

  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)*
  • NBIS
  • Terex Crane & Rigging
  • Taylor Foundation*

If you would like to make a donation toward a corporate or family named grant, please contact Jackie Roskos at (703) 698-0291. As of June 2017, the Foundation has only two (2) openings for Named Scholarships and one (1) opening for a Named Grant.

To make a donation toward this program please download the Named Donation Form. All donations are tax deductible – the SC&R Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

*This commitment was made in 2017 and will begin in 2018.