Committee Descriptions

Foundation Structure

In addition to the Executive Committee, which is composed of the Officers, Committee Chairs and the Executive Vice President of the Association, the work of the Foundation is done primarily through three standing committees. The committees are open to all SC&RA members. The objective of each committee follows.

The Development/PR Committee is charged

1) to develop specific plans to increase the SC&R Foundation Net Assets while continuing to fund highly visible industry research and the scholarship program. Working with the SC&RA Ladies Group, the committee is to ensure the program has a high profile and generates tangible results.
2) The committee also is to develop an ongoing publicity and promotion campaign to educate the SC&RA membership about the Foundation’s mission, objectives, and successes. The committee is to ensure the SC&RA Board, membership and industry at large is kept informed of the Foundation’s progress.

The Research/Education Committee is charged

1) to review proposed research projects and make recommendations to the SC&R Foundation Board for approval during its annual Board meeting held at the SC&RA Annual Conference. The committee is also to determine methods and effective programs that will raise member awareness of the severity of the long-term industry labor shortage and get the industry’s many opportunities presented to appropriate audiences of future employees.
2) The committee is also charged to identify education opportunities, appropriate materials for effectively introducing industry career opportunities to potential new recruits, suppliers of appropriate training materials, and types of training to be offered to members via the Internet and other means.

The Grant/Scholarship Committee is charged to develop a scholarship and grant program that is valuable and useful to the industry and member firms. The committee is to establish a mechanism for soliciting, qualifying, selecting and awarding scholarships to qualified candidates. Annually the chair and three members of the Scholarship Committee are appointed to the Selection Subcommittee, which determines the scholarship winners.