2017 Grant/Scholarship Winners

This year the SC&R Foundation will award $18,000 for Scholarships. The winners are listed below. Grants winners will be selected throughout the year totaling $25,000.


  • Jacob Bussiere, Cote Crane & Rigging (George Bragg Memorial Recipient)
  • Braxton Chong, Hawaiian Crane & Rigging Ltd. (Christopher Lorenz Memorial Recipient)
  • Chloe Lonergan, Empire Crane Company
  • Brandon Robinson, Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co.
  • Lacey Rucker, WireCo WorldGroup (Terex Continuing Education Recipient)
  • Kylie Starliper, Keen Transport
  • Brian Winburn, Link-Belt Construction Equipment (NBIS Continuing Education Recipient)

2017 Grant Winners

February Round

  • Jakob Green, Farmers Exchange (Anderson Trucking Service Continuing Education Recipient)
  • Fay Pietrobone, IB Dickinson & Sons (McTyre Family Continuing Education Recipient)
  • Jeremiah Rindler, Lift Systems (Heartland Communications/Crane Hotline Continuing Education Recipient)
  • Jeffrey Sims, Sunnyside Construction (Robert Cookingham Memorial Recipient)

April Round

  • Carter Moore, Valley Group Inc.
  • Krista Pollock, D&O Enterprises, Inc.
  • Corey Clarke, DC Crane Service Inc.

June Round

  • Travis Hinkley
  • Brennan Hertzer
  • Sharma Shalini (Lucille Mae Klabacka Continuing Education Grant)
  • Adam Gaylean, NessCampbell (Industrial Training International Continuing Education Grant)

August Round

  • Deborah Murphy, Fluor Construction
  • Michael Morgan, Pit Row Services (Financial & Risk Management Grant)
  • Anna Prinsen, Modern Crane Service Inc. (Financial & Risk Management Grant)

October Round

  • Application are being reviewed. Winners will be announced in early December.