2015 Scholarship & Grant Winners

We are thrilled to announce the following winners. Please note: Additional Grant winners will be selected in September and November.


Caleb Brack, Heavy Iron Cranes
Southwest Industrial/Southern Crane Continuing Education Scholarship

Alexandra Capozzi, Thackray Crane Rental

Jonathan Cash Caldwell, AmQuip Crane Rental, LLC
Terex Continuing Education Scholarship

Jobie Debrick, Debrick Truck Line
NBIS Continuing Education Scholarship

Spencer Lynds, Cianbro

Samson Meyer, Marco Crane & Rigging Co.
George Bragg Memorial Scholarship

Lee Rucker, Wire Rope Inc
Christopher Lorenz Memorial Scholarship

Jamal Shaheen, Specialty Crane & Rigging       

Alison Tuft, Mountain Crane
Frank Bardonaro Sr. Memorial Scholarship


2015 GRANT WINNERS – February Round

Amanda Neadow, Corrigan Air & Sea Cargo    
TNT Crane & Rigging Continuing Education Grant

Ethan Gendreau, Green Mountain Kenworth
Anderson Trucking Continuing Education Grant

Peter Law, Raulli & Sons, Inc.
Robert Cookinham Memorial

2015 GRANT WINNERS – April Round

Donald Newman,McTyre Trucking

2015 GRANT WINNERS – June Round

Larissa Kirk, Deep South Crane & Rigging
Preston Scheck, Daryls AC and heating
Ben White, Pickering Farm
Corey Walters, Jacobs Construction

2015 GRANT WINNERS – August Round
Jonathan Caldwell, Amquip
Shelly Gayring, Empire Crane


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